Revitalising Brand Positioning

Markets have undergone rapid changes recently as a result of COVID, on top of other longer-term trends

For many brands, past success now must be reimagined to adapt to new realities, changing customer behaviours and needs. Some companies have chosen to fundamentally reinvented their businesses, brands and value propositions and have achieved even greater success than before. In other cases, more subtle changes have been appropriate around their brand communications, tone and customer engagement. Every brand has its own unique challenges and opportunities that need to be evaluated and addressed.

Alchemy helps brands to refresh their positioning strategy and value-proposition to meet the market’s new needs and circumstances. Alchemy has a proven track-record repositioning brands to create fresh value and competitive advantage in dynamic markets. In particular, we’ll help you to:

  • Uncover the unique value of your brand in today’s market

  • Evaluate it against alternatives and competitors

  • Identify options around positioning opportunities for growth  

  • Express the the strategy and articulate it for all to understand. A  ‘North Star’ to guide everything you do, internally & externally.

"Alchemy's approach to strategy is provoking, challenging and stimulating. They have shown us a new direction in our business, one that allows us to stay ahead of the time in the industry"

— Ashley Micklewright, CEO, Bluebell Group

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