Pepsi’s disappointing new slogan says a lot about its brand strategy and its imagination, as well as the marketing industry generally.

By: Charles Brian-Boys
pepsi - that's what like

After twenty years, Pepsi has seemingly concluded that adopting a new brand slogan will help them to better explain their brand and improve their business. Don't count on it.

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A few simple ways to improve your brand’s website’s traffic without spending a fortune

Co-authors: Vishwas Thakkar & Charles Brian-Boys
website traffic

There are approximately 1.5 billion websites on-line in the world today, of which over 200 million are actively maintained. And every second, 2.5 new websites appear. In such a crowded environment, ensuring that your own website stands out and gets attention from the right people, is a daunting task.

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One of the most common branding errors occurs right at the beginning of the process.

By Charles Brian-Boys
branding error

The opportunity to tailor a new brand to succeed in competitive markets is perhaps the single most important opportunity that a nascent brand will face at launch. Getting it right, and building a relevant and differentiated proposition is essential to creating the conditions for early success and establishing the foundations for strong, sustained brand growth in future.

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What’s the difference between brand ‘differentiation’ and ‘distinctiveness’? And does it really matter?

By Charles Brian-Boys

For decades differentiation has been the touchtone of brand positioning. Together with relevance, the two attributes have traditionally formed the cross-hairs of successful brand positioning and communications. More recently, distinctiveness has been referenced by an increasing number of strategists as an important attribute. As a result, it is argued, the former pre-eminence of differentiation has dimmed somewhat, at least by comparison. What is behind this new thinking? How important is it, and how do the two attributes compare and contrast with each other?

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