Market and Customer Insight

Up-to-date market insight and customer understanding.

Markets, customers and purchase behaviours are changing rapidly. There has never been a greater need for fresh customer insight and understanding about the ‘new normal’ opportunities and threats. Without up-to-date customer insight, brands are simply flying blind.

We don’t do research for its own sake, but highly relevant and actionable observations that can profitably drive short-term revenue and profitability. Fast, affordable, focused and most importantly, actionable information to inform and direct strategy and execution

In particular, we’ll help you:

  • Identify new information gaps in your understanding 

  • Customer segment mapping and market opportunity sizing

  • Research (online / offline, qualitative / quantitative, social listening…)

  • Emerging market opportunities – and threats
  • Changing customer sentiments and ways of engaging better
  • New unmet or latent market needs and pain-points

"Alchemy Asia's team has their eyes 100% focused on our customers, the users and prospective users of our products.  They dig deep into the details in quest of the market shaping ideas.  It's that culture of being exceptionally prepared and customer focused that makes me confident to have Alchemy Asia as our brand agency partner”.

— Evan Goldberg, Regional Head of Product and Marketing, Viagra, Pfizer

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