Building challenger brands outside




Nick Geoghegan

What we did:

— Identity

— Positioning

— Strategy

UKTV is a multi-award winning media company that reaches over 42 million viewers every month and accounts for 9% of the British commercial TV market. Its 11 channel brands, ranging from comedy to documentaries and everything in between, have become some of the most well known TV brands in the country. With ambitions of stretching a number of its brands to live beyond the TV screen, UKTV approached eatbigfish for help.

Stepping out of the TV

We created a series of workshops, involving teams and agencies in creating vibrant new language and thinking around existing brand propositions. Through facilitated workshops, eatbigfish helped the brand teams to develop strong points of view for each of these brands, allowing them to step out of the TV and impose their thinking on the world.

Became the fastest-growing TV network

UKTV posted record results in 2016 and became the fastest-growing TV network in Britain. The success has been attributed to ‘thriving channel brands’ and original programming. [Source: UKTV]

“The challenger brand work that we did with eatbigfish has transformed our marketing approach on Dave.”

— Simon Michelides, CCO