Reinventing the cruise for the next generation of traveller


Royal Caribbean


Nick Geoghegan

What we did:

— Identity

— Positioning

— Strategy

We worked with Royal Caribbean to help them think beyond being the best cruise, and grow the category by appealing to people who usually reject the notion of cruising entirely.

A remit to explore

Though an $8bn business, and an established thought leader in the category, Royal Caribbean was struggling to grow its business in the UK. The UK team had a new remit to explore what the brand means in their own territory, rather than just toeing the global line. As such, the team set about creating a brand that could help them to entice people away from land-based holidays to explore what Royal Caribbean has to offer.

Rejecting sensible

Royal Caribbean worked with eatbigfish to define what the Royal Caribbean brand truly stood for, a positioning that would become the core of all their comms moving forward. Taking inspiration from the DNA at the heart of their business their solution was to target a mindset – those who reject sensible – and create a highly immersive world of play across all of their brand touch points and throughout the customer journey – from their call centers to the ‘do not disturb’ signs hanging from the passenger doors.

‘Where Extraordinary Happens’ by Hometown London.

“Through a series of outstanding and engaging workshops, we debated, cogitated, laughed and finally hit that lightbulb moment, when it all became clear. Today we live and breathe that positioning across everything we do.”

— Tamara Strauss, Marketing & PR Director