Life insurance meets real life



What we did:

Extensive qualitative research in nine regional markets

Brand Strategy & positioning

Creative executions

Internal brand launch

Sales agents activation & support

In-market launch and implementation


All big insurance companies offer essentially the same thing, in different packaging. There is little to differentiate them from each other from the customer’s POV. Our task was position AIA to stand out from this bland wallpaper by showing insight, empathy and relevance in our products, services and values.

‘The Real life Company’ emerged from extensive research and qualitative understanding. Customers wanted an insurance company that understood them and their needs, rather than one who only boasted about their own size and importance. ‘Show me that you understand my real life. Don’t just talk about yourself. Tell me what you can do for me’.

“The highly intuitive team at Alchemy helped us to capture the true spirit and essence of what our organisation stands for and the role we play in people’s lives.”

–  Mark Tucker, Group CEO, AIA Group

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