Helping AIA’s customers to live longer, healthier lives


AIA Vitality

What we did:

Brand positioning

Creative concepts

Launch creative campaign

Regional in-market tool-kit

Vitality is a behavioural-based health & fitness programme that encourages members to build healthy habits, improve their diets, get more exercise and better sleep. The Vitality program is offered to AIA’s customers in Asia, subsidising healthy diets, gyms and other positive behaviours, enabling customers to track their physical vs chronological age in order to measure their improvement and get actionable, positive feedback.

Initially, Vitality was launched in Singapore where it was not successful. Customers perceived it as a sales promotion, rather than a credible, health & fitness program. Customers also resisted the feeling the they were being told how to live their lives. Instead, we presented the program as empower customers by encouraging them to ‘Take control of your life’ with Vitality enabling members to proactively manage and improve their health themselves in all aspects of their lives.

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